A Peek Inside The Black Widow Burlesque Volunteer Party!

Posted by in Uncategorized on Jun 21, 2016

June 5, 2016 marked the first annual Black Widow Burlesque helpers (also known as Widow Makers) appreciation party! The Widow Makers are an integral part of each Black Widow Burlesque show. The Widow Makers help us sell merchandise, check VIP and reserved guests in at the door or sometimes even helping out onstage!

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It takes a lot of movers and shakers to put together a parade of neo-burlesque acts in one night and we really do appreciate their time and support. We had the Widow Makers over to celebrate their hard work with a miniature pool party complete with a blow up kiddie pool provided by Randy Dodger and pool toys for water harassment (later dubbed as “APPRECIATION” when you would walk by Ginger Snaps and Harlet Davidson). That’s how much we really do care; hydration is so important 😉

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There was food, there was fun, puppies, and beer. Lots of beer.


Beav had to hustle to make a big enough dent in the keg to be able to get it back in her car. Harlet and Heather saved the day with some George Forman realness along with Sailor Cherry’s adorable Tikki decor (and water guns)!

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If you’re interested in volunteering for Black Widow Burlesque, please email your preferred contact info to: beavbraverman@gmail.com. Thanks again to all who came! And a special thank you to Lex, who let us use her space for the festivities. We love you and we’ll see you next year!